Loft services

What services are offered by Loft Africa?

Loft Africa provides logistics and warehousing services that cater to diverse business needs. Our services include haulage, warehousing and distribution, customized logistics solutions, and consultancy services to optimize logistics and supply chain operations.

What is Haulage service like with Loft Africa?

Loft Africa offers reliable and efficient haulage services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer. Our modern fleet of trucks and experienced drivers ensure safe and timely transportation of goods

What is Warehousing like at Loft Africa?

Loft Africa's warehousing services go beyond just storage to ensure your inventory is well-managed and protected. We keep an accurate inventory list to track stock levels and offer insurance to safeguard against loss, damage and theft as well as allocate you an Account Manager to manage your account and help resolve potential issues.

Where are the locations of Loft Africa warehouses?

To ensure easy access to our services, Loft Africa currently operates warehouses in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. However, we will continue to expand our reach to other locations across Nigeria and Africa, as we strive to meet the needs of our customers.

What's the monthly minimum pallet space provided?

The minimum monthly pallet space is 100 in Lagos, and 50 in all other locations. If however you require something different, we are happy to discuss your unique requirements with you to find a solution.

What is distribution like in Loft Africa?

Loft Africa distribution service involves the process of distributing goods from manufacturers or supplier to retailers or end customers. Our distribution services depend on the industry, the types of products being distributed, and the location of the operation.  

What do you mean by “Distribution” Vs “Haulage”?

Distribution refers to the consolidation of deliveries from different clients and transportation to their respective customers.  Haulage refers to bulk transportation (usually one client) of your goods from a pick-up location (origin) to a drop-off location (destinatio) .

Do you ship to other modern trade stores apart from Shoprite, spar etc?

We will transport to any Modern or Bulk customer that you have. If you sell it, we’ll deliver it.

What is Intra-state Vs Lagos-upcountry

Intra-state refers to any deliveries within a State (i.e., within Lagos, within Abuja). Lagos-Upcountry refers to any deliveries initiated from Lagos to Locations outside Lagos (i.e., Lagos to Abuja, Lagos to Ibadan)

Can I refer someone to Loft Africa?

Nothing would make us prouder or happier than a referral. In fact, if you refer someone to us and they sign up, we have a special surprise service offering to provide both of you, in recognition of your referral. Refer someone for your surprise gift.

Loft weight standard :

What does Volumetric mean?

Because we have many clients and we can aggregate/consolidate deliveries, we are able to supply goods to multiple locations on a single, usually larger, vehicle. To make the costing fair and transparent, we base our pricing structure on volume, and show you very clearly how your cost/kg drops as your volume increases. In Lagos for example, the cost per kilogram for the 1st kg over 200kg is N100, which drops to N50 if you exceed 30Tonens. Up country, the savings ratio is even more profound.

Why volumetric pricing?

We believe pricing is both fair and transparent when clients are charged based on the volume they move. What do you think? Do you agree?

How is it calculated?

By measuring the Gross weight/pack of each item you want us to distribute at beginning of contract, we are able to measure the cost per transaction and then sum the total transaction value per fortnight; it’s that easy!

Where are the locations of Loft Africa warehouses?

To ensure easy access to our services, Loft Africa currently operates warehouses in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. However, we will continue to expand our reach to other locations across Nigeria and Africa, as we strive to meet the needs of our customers.

Who determines the set standard weight for volumetric weight, client or settled weight between both parties?

Volumetric weight will be determined by Loft based on the parameters stated in the rate card. However, it is also noted that the final determination of the volumetric weight is subject to agreement by both parties. This means that if there is any disagreement over the calculated volumetric weight, the parties involved will need to come to an agreement before the package can be shipped

The rationale behind "On-demand price per kg"

This on-demand pricing model is a win-win for both Loft and its customers. Customers who require a one-time shipment or walk-in service can use the Loft distribution channel at a reasonable cost, while Loft can expand its customer base and revenue streams by providing a convenient and affordable option for ad-hoc customers.

How do I track my monthly tonnage and cost?

We will provide you with weekly updates which amongst other things will include and track this information

Returns, Discounts and more

Is there a discount given to a client who wants to warehouse for 5 months or a longer duration?

To clarify, our discount policy is primarily based on the number of pallets you acquire, rather than the contract duration. This means that the more pallets you order, the higher the discount they would be eligible for. We strive to work closely with you to understand your needs and provide tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements while also offering cost savings where possible.

Why is Lagos-Upcountry more expensive than reverse logistics?

When vehicles complete their delivery to Upcountry locations, they often return empty. This means that the transporters incur lower incremental costs for the return trip, such as fuel and labor costs, since they do not need to load any additional goods. As a result, transporters are comfortable charging a much lower fee for a return trip, which makes reverse logistics a cost-effective option for businesses.

What are Returns and how is it treated?

Returns refer to the item rejected by malls, or customers at the point of delivery due to defects, shortages, or wrong items. Items not sold by Malls or close to expiry items are also handed over to Loft to be returned to you, our client. The returns process requires that you inform Loft by scanning the QR code shared by the support team or the account officer, to fill out the returns form.  Alternatively, send an email to the support team notifying them of returns to be picked up.  The rates for such are shown, again in weight, under “Returns Rate”.


Do I have to sign a new contract?

Yes, new contracts will be issued to reflect this revised pricing but also to reflect existing market conditions to better protect us both, legally.

If I haven’t signed the new contract, what will happen?

We want to work with you to resolve all issues and ensure we are both comfortable working together under the revised conditions, and we will do all we can to achieve this.

Still have questions contact Loft Africa at Info@loftafrica.ng