We help businesses become agile.

Our primary goal at LOFT Africa is to create the largest operating system for the supply chain in Africa. Simply put, we think that for Africa to prosper, the supply-chain industry needs to connect its silos to improve commerce.

We have been able to tackle logistics-related issues for more than ten years, and today we are using creativity and technology to address the toughest supply chain issues. Businesses can operate more nimbly in Africa thanks to our integrated suite of customizable, on-demand products across logistics, warehousing, finance, inventory management, and technology.

Our Vision

Facilitate supply  chain networks for 10 million retail , distribution and manufacturing businesses by 2032

Our Philosophy

Enabling  businesses to grow , expand and do more

Our Mission

leverage , and finance technology to build the largest operating system for Africa's supply chain

Values That Make Loft

Our journey at Loft is guided by a unique set of principles that guarantee long-term success for all stakeholders.

  • We Deliver : We always back our promise with an excellent capability to execute. We refine and improve our methods, services and products until we achieve the goals we set out to accomplish.

  • We Collaborate : We are one solution, one platform. We are intimately connected to the business of our clients and to each other as a team, taking on every challenge as one.

  • We Are Transparent : We empower a transparent and candid environment. This allows us to be better communicators and to capture the feedback and needs of our customers accurately and timely.